عالم من التخفيضات!

Giving Back to the Community is the Thymbol Way.

Thymbol measures its success based on the success of its clients. Looking beyond what Thymol provides and taking a glimpse of Thymbols Business Philosophy, a person will find that Thymbol is based on integrity.Thymbol strives to become ethical pillars in the communities they establish through green management, volunteerism and benevolence in partnerships with various non-profit organizations.

Phoenix is home base for Thymbol and its where we begin our journey. How did Thymbol find a worthy cause? It takes research to find a charity that your contribution can truly affect. After looking into a number of wonderful non-profit organizations,Thymbol found the perfect fit. Not onlya charity tocontribute to, but actually feel and see the donations at work in the lives of special children.Room For Joy helps change the lives of, and restores hope to, chronically ill children and their families. Room For Joys missions is to enhance the healing process of chronically ill children. They do soby providing fun, imaginative, medically appropriate rooms, focusing on their individual needs, wishes and medical conditions.

The best thing is that all contributions go directly to the building of the rooms. The board of directors, the designers, the contractor and builders all are volunteers. The volunteerscontribute their time and expertise to the construction of the rooms for the children. Contributors actually see the rewards and the joy they bring to each child and their families through the dollars that are given.

Thymbol and Room For Joy joined together in a partnership.The goal was setwith both partiesworking diligently to achieve. For every Thymbol app download in Arizona, Thymbol will contribute $0.50 to Room for Joy with a target goal of $5,000. Room for Joy will informtheir contacts and associates and encourage them to spread the wordto aid inThymbols contributions. What is exciting is that it costs nothing to download the free App! By doing so each personwho downloads the App helpsRoom for Joy reachout to another child enhancing the healing process and providing a fun, positive, environment. Special attention to the medical, physical and emotional needs to each child is accomplished. Theybuild their personalized rooms to help fulfill the dreams of each child, and makesa child’slife a little brighter. Yes, one person can make a difference to a chronically ill child just by downloading the Thymbol App. Do it now.

Please watch the video below and see how You, Thymbol and Room for Joy can touch a childs life making a more joyful, happier and hopeful world for a chronically ill child.