Thymbol Gives is an initiative that was created to partner with multiple 501c organizations. Thymbol acknowledges the important work nonprofit organizations provide local communities and we want to do everything we can to be corporately responsible.


To become ethical pillars in our communities through green management, volunteerism and benevolence in partnerships with various non-profit organizations.


We exist to help build community awareness and assist in raising cash donations to these organizations.


Simply to raise enough money so these organizations can continue to offer much needed community services.

When users download the Thymbol App to find great deals and discounts! Thymbol will donate $1 in their name to your nonprofit.

A Message From Our CEO

“When Thymbol was developing a virtual meeting place for businesses and consumers, it was imperative to also include a philanthropic component. ‘Thymbol Gives’ is that critical component of the Thymbol Philosophy.¬† Today the ‘Thymbol Gives’ Program is more important now than ever.”¬† – Cory Cook


What Happens When You Partner With Thymbol?

Thymbol will donate $1 for every downloadwe receive during your campaign period.

When you sign up as an Affiliate, your organization will receive 35% of all referral revenue.

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Our Non-Profit Partners

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