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Giving Back to the Community is the Thymbol Way.

Thymbol measures its success based on the success of its clients.  Looking beyond what Thymol provides and taking a glimpse of Thymbol’s Business Philosophy, a person will find that Thymbol is based on integrity. Thymbol strives to become ethical pillars in the communities they establish through green management, volunteerism and benevolence in partnerships with various non-profit organizations.

Phoenix is home base for Thymbol and it’s where we begin our journey.  How did Thymbol find a worthy cause?  It takes research to find a charity that your contribution can truly affect.  After looking into a number of wonderful non-profit organizations,Thymbol found the perfect fit.  Not only a charity to contribute to, but actually feel and see the donations at work in the lives of special children.  Room For Joy helps change the lives of, and restores hope to, chronically ill children and their families.  Room For Joy’s missions is to enhance the healing process of chronically ill children. They do so by providing fun, imaginative, medically appropriate rooms, focusing on their individual needs, wishes and medical conditions.

The best thing is that all contributions go directly to the building of the rooms. The board of directors, the designers, the contractor and builders all are volunteers. The volunteers contribute their time and expertise to the construction of the rooms for the children.  Contributors actually see the rewards and the joy they bring to each child and their families through the dollars that are given.

Thymbol and Room For Joy joined together in a partnership. The goal was set with both parties working diligently to achieve.  For every Thymbol app download in Arizona, Thymbol will contribute $0.50 to Room for Joy with a target goal of $5,000.  Room for Joy will inform their contacts and associates and encourage them to spread the word to aid in Thymbol’s  contributions.  What is exciting is that it costs nothing to download the free App!  By doing so each person who downloads the App helps Room for Joy reach out to another child enhancing the healing process and providing a fun, positive, environment.  Special attention to the medical, physical and emotional needs to each child is accomplished. They build their personalized rooms to help fulfill the dreams of each child, and makes a child’s life a little brighter.  Yes, one person can make a difference to a chronically ill child just by downloading the Thymbol  App.  Do it now.

Please watch the video below and see how You, Thymbol and Room for Joy can touch a child’s life making a more joyful, happier and hopeful world for a chronically ill child.



Thymbol WebsiteGiving Back to the Community is the Thymbol Way.
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Emphatically Yes, Do you know Smartphone usage has been on a tear as of late?  Nearly three-quarters of Americans check their mobile phones at least once per hour, according to a Gallup poll.

Is now the time to go mobile?  There is no better time.  People spend 174 minutes on mobile devices every day.  Do you know push notifications can be used by any niche to put your brand name directly in front of the smartphone owner?  The projections around app driven revenue are staggering.  Non-game app downloads are estimated to grow 23 percent in the next five years, exceeding $182 billion in 2020. Smartphone adoption in emerging markets should see mobile app store downloads more than double between 2015 and 2020 (Small Business Trends).

To build a native App can be expensive, plus the maintenance expense is ongoing.  So how does a business reach the mobile user without a native App?  Thymbol has the solution.  Thymbol is an App based mobile marketing platform for businesses.  On Thymbol each business has a Branding Page with the business logo and a video introduction of their business. Digital coupons can be created in real-time giving the business owner control of their deals and promotions, building the business’s sales and customer loyalty.  Push notifications boost repeat visits and keep the customer connected.  There is a business description, hours of operation and email address to help accelerate customer contact with the business, enhancing relationships with customers where speedy responses are highly prized. There are no contracts and a first month free trial. Yes, now is the time to escalate your Business to a new level and reach mobile users!  “The companies that transform their business processes using mobility will achieve new levels of success.  The time for business process transformation is now”(Huffington Post).

Let Thymbol give your business the mobile presence that is so vital in today’s market.  Learn more now, just click on the Features tab at the top of the page.  Go Mobile today starting as low as $100 a month.

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Are You Reaching Mobile Users?

Is a Mobile App Right For My Business?

The honest answer is – maybe – maybe not.
Are you in need of a robust POS platform that allows customers to buy from your website?
The answer is Yes.
Solution: Native App development. Cost: $5000+
Do you need to build your own expensive platform that allows consumers to learn about your store at a glance with a video introduction, GEO targeting, retention features, and the ability to offer discounts? The answer is No.
Solution: Thymbol’s Branding Page.  Cost: As low as $100 per month.

What Is Thymbol?

• A business powered and consumer inspired mobile app and web based discount site.
• An autonomous business portal that allows managers to create digital coupons in real-time that is    conducive to their businesses’ success.
• An affordable way to reach mobile users.
• A platform designed to help managers reach new customers and retain their existing customers.

Quick Mobile Facts

• 92% of consumers used a coupon on a purchase in the past year, compared to 93% the previous year
• 55% of customers find mobile apps more useful than the store for finding promotions
• 54% of consumers want personalized offers through SMS or app messages when close to a store
• 56% of consumers visited a brick-and-mortar store after receiving a deal or offer on their mobile device when near a store

You are at the right place to learn more about Thymbol, just click on the Features tab at the top of the page.

Thymbol WebsiteAre You Reaching Mobile Users?
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Have you ever seen an exciting new business and wonder “How did they think of that”?

Many people dream about having their own business and some make it happen.  One thing for sure, dreaming is a start, but until action is taken, it’s only a dream. Thymbol started as an idea by a true visionary.  The founder of Thymbol was marketing for medical professionals and kept meeting struggling business owners and thought, “how can I help businesses succeed”. The Founder started talking to business owners to find out their needs and obstacles.  He then shared his idea with a couple key people and Thymbol was born.

So what is Thymbol?  Thymbol is an affordable App based mobile marketing platform for businesses to help drive new and repeat customer to their doors with great deals.  On Thymbol, each business has a branding page which includes  their logo and video introduction, digital coupons that are created in real-time and a Facebook share feature, starting as low as $100 a month.

Thymbol strives to create consumer confidence and offers a platform that consumers can rely on for accurate and updated deals and discounts.  The App is free to download, no credit card information is required, and coupons are redeemed at the time of purchase. Geo fencing shows the businesses that are close to consumers. Consumers can share their coupons on Facebook with their friends, and “Favorite” a business to see new deals once it publishes in real-time.  

Thymbol believes in earning both the business and consumer trust, giving consumers a mobile platform to explore their local area and businesses to reach their mobile users. Thymbol is growing and expanding daily with new businesses and great deals.  Whether it’s retail, food, personal care or entertainment, explore your city or town through Thymbol, Your App for Life.Thymbol - Your App for Life!                                                                                       Download the App today



Thymbol WebsiteHave you ever seen an exciting new business and wonder “How did they think of that”?
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How Can Thymbol’s Mobile Marketing App Promote Your Restaurant

Owning a restaurant is demanding and time consuming. Quite often, marketing gets overlooked and completely neglected. Allow Thymbol to free up your time. Thymbol is a cost-effective mobile marketing platform for businesses. Thymbol’s platform will become a powerful extension to your marketing efforts. Within 20 short minutes, owners can create a Branding Page that displays your logo, offer a video introduction, give a description of your business, show hours of operations, provides social media and direct email links, give the capacity size, and display digital coupons, which are created by you in real time.

Thymbol has eliminated the need for costly app development, choosing a reputable app developer, marketing the app, and the upkeep of your platform. Thymbol has created a platform that allows owners to reach a new mobile audience and promote their business for as low as $100 a month with no contract. In fact, the Bronze Package is offered the first month free of charge.

Thymbol gives your restaurant the mobile presence vital to consumers’ demands and has them searching on Thymbol for great dining discounts.

38% of consumers report using more mobile coupons in the past year (Valassis).

Watch this short video of how Thymbol can make a difference for you.


Thymbol WebsiteHow Can Thymbol’s Mobile Marketing App Promote Your Restaurant
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Are you ready to start using Thymbol for your business?

It’s easy; let us show you how!

We know you are excited to get started with Thymbol. Posting deals, discounts, and informational videos for your audience is thrilling; we will help you jump start the excitement.

We have created this video tutorial for you to show you just how easy it is to begin using Thymbol for your business. Our helpful staff is also available to help you with the process. We can’t wait for you to start connecting with your new customers on our Thymbol App!

Thymbol WebsiteAre you ready to start using Thymbol for your business?
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Thymbol for Restaurants

Mobile marketing solutions for your restaurant!

Do you struggle with the idea of creating an app for your restaurant or cafe? Do you know you need to have a mobile presence, but are not quite sure you want to start offering massive discounts on deal websites?

Watch the short video below, and see how Thymbol can help you solve your problem!




Thymbol WebsiteThymbol for Restaurants
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Introducing Thymbol, where consumers and businesses meet.

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Thymbol is revolutionizing the way group savings and coupon sites are used!

Welcome to Thymbol, we are so glad you’re here. Thymbol provides a mobile platform for businesses to present deals to consumers, and consumers get an easy way to save money at their fingertips on the things they actually use.

Cory Cook Image
As a business owner, promoting your business has never been easier. Thymbol’s mission is to provide marketing and advertising solutions that support the growth of all businesses. Have you thought about using Groupon or LivingSocial? Thymbol’s technology gives you a mobile presence that will help you reach millions of consumers and it will provide an introduction to your business on their smartphone.

As a consumer, you have hit the jackpot of savings. While using Groupon and LivingSocial has been fun, Thymbol is a free application that will save you money on the products and services you are already using! Are you heading out to dinner? Use Thymbol to find a restaurant close to you, who is offering a deal. You don’t have to pay for the coupon up front, and Thymbol uses cutting edge mobile technology to show you what deals are closest to you.
What are you waiting for? Download our free app today using iTunes or Google Play. Business owners, contact us at 1-844-Thymbol or and begin meeting new customers.
Thank you for using Thymbol,

Cory Cook
Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Thymbol WebsiteIntroducing Thymbol, where consumers and businesses meet.
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